Looking at the data after giving online gifts to over 151 charities on 46 different metrics, we found there is massive room for improvement when it comes to online fundraising. The typical charity receives about 6% of their income online, charities that have an optimized online fundraising program are seeing 10% or more of their income online. That is a small percent difference, but it adds up quickly when you look at the size of the non-profit sector.

So how can your organization join the ranks of the 10%? One easy way is to learn from the mistakes of the 151 organizations that were analyzed.

Those items include:

  • Not providing a compelling reason to sign up to receive emails
  • Sending emails with conflicting calls to action
  • Donation forms filled with multiple hoops to jump through to just give a gift
  • Failing to thank donors in meaningful ways or give them a next step to take

The infographic below points out some of the findings from the study when it comes to the donation landing page.

You can download the entire 48-page study here: http://downloads.nextafter.com/online-fundraising-scorecard

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