What we do

You need a fundraising strategy that fits your organization now and takes you to where you want to go.  Whether you are just getting started, ready to grow, or want to start seeing better results from your fundraising activities our team of experts can help.

We provide you with the strategy, techniques, tools, and tips that are the most effective at raising sustainable revenue for your organization so you can do more good.

Our team steps into the trenches with you to raise the money you need to fund your mission. That may look like developing a new donor acquisition program, setting up a donor communication strategy, or coaching you on how to talk with your major donors. The recommended solution is crafted to fit your organization, not the other way around.

400 Nonprofits Over 4 Years

As we’ve reviewed the online fundraising programs of more than 400 nonprofits over the past 4 years, we’ve noted certain gaps between the organizations that are raising significant money online and those that aren’t. The key difference is not the budget size like you might think, but instead, understanding the key elements that drive online revenue.


The number of nonprofit emails we analyze looking for trends, ideas, and insights to help your organization look and sound different than the 1.3 million charities in the marketplace.

How we do it


Strategy – a loaded term. When we say it, we mean that we will work with you on a plan focused on raising net revenue. This includes a digital infrastructure recommendation and a marketing playbook that you can execute or that we can help you execute.


The essence of your organization. We'll help you through a number of different aspects, from your value proposition workshop, to content marketing and automation.


If you've got a fundraising plan, how do you know if each piece is working as well as it can? Cue optimization. We've got extensive experience in taking all aspects of campaigns from good to great, including email and donation page optimization, to produce more revenue for your organization.

Donor Acquisition and Nurturing

This is where the rubber meets the road. We'll help with executing and running campaigns to acquire new donors and cultivate the ones you have, including major donors.

Details on Our Services

Digital fundraising infrastructure – There are a lot of tools available to help your organization. We’ve found the key is not the tools per say, but the way they integrate with each other. Our team can advise you on infrastructure and how to connect the tools up so your technology becomes a sail, not an anchor, for the organization.

Marketing/Development Playbook – With each engagement, we create a shared document to outline what we are doing and why. This will give you a knowledge base that you can return to time and time again to understand how to do something or review the project learnings.

Value proposition workshop – Developing your organizations unique value proposition is the key to raising more money. We will help you refine your story and use it effectively to communicate why donors should give to you instead of another organization. We will also establish ideal personas that your organization should be targeting.

Content Marketing – Often the hidden aspect of fundraising because the value is hard to measure – but when you’re not doing it, your campaign results fall flat. We can bring idea generators and content creators to help you communicate the outcomes your organization is achieving, connecting the dots between a donation and what your organization accomplishes.

Marketing Automation – Creating omni-channel campaigns with automation can increase the number of personalized touchpoints with donors at key phases of their relationship with your organization. We will help you develop a strategy to target specific segments in your donor database using marketing automation and incorporate it into your organizations communication stream.

Email Signup Optimization –  The best source of revenue producing traffic to your website is your email list. We will work with you to develop an email offer that is appealing to your ideal constituent and exclusive to your organization to increase the likelihood of capturing the email addresses of visitors to your website.

Donation Page Assessment – The most important page of your website – your donation page. We will use the outputs of the value proposition workshop and personas discussion to make edits to your main donation page to reduce friction and improve the donor conversion rate.

New Name Conversion Series – Donor studies show that if a new person hasn’t given a donation in the first 90 days of being on your list, the likelihood of them doing so drops significantly. The new name conversion series is designed to engage those individuals right away when their affinity for your organization is highest and give them multiple chances to get more involved and support your organization.

Donor Acquisition Campaigns – The hardest challenge for all nonprofits is to attract new donors. We have a process to test different acquisition strategies so that your organization has a proven campaign that you can continuously run to develop new donors.

Fundraising Event Help – Events are a lot of work, so you want to make sure they help you accomplish the fundraising goal. Our event strategists can help with the campaign messaging, where to find sponsors, how to collect funds at the event and cover all the other small details that make an event a success.

Major Donor Development – Cultivating and growing your network of major donors can be hard. We can help.

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